November 24, 2011

Holidays Are a Great Time to Work

If you have a tedious day job, that title probably makes you shiver. If you work in a lab or workshop with shared resources, you'll at least understand the logic. If you just like doing the opposite of what's expected, you'll agree that official holidays offer a great chance to catch up from all the unofficial holidays you observed during normal work weeks.

I can lay claim to those last two conditions. It's wonderful to have full access to equipment and not need to coordinate schedules with someone. If I also feel like I'm sacrificing something to be doing the work, then I feel empowered. So for those reasons, I went into work this morning, along with a handful of Chinese nationals.

I couldn't stay too long since I needed to clean my apartment. So, in the spirit of the holiday, I want to say I'm thankful that my mom decided to fly in this afternoon so I could tidy up the place.

Also, thank you whoever made this cookie jar


  1. I like working a little bit on the holidays too. Its less stressful!

  2. Interesting meaning for holidays!

  3. oh! You're cleaning up. cute =))

  4. That is an awesome cookie jar but I prefer relaxing on holidays.


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